TOSHIBA 4in1 26L Microwave, Grill, Convection, Healthy Air Fry MV-TC26TF(BK)

  • $379.00
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  • A combination of Italian aesthetics and Japanese quality. Drawing inspiration from the personalized design of mobile phones and stereos. Redefining “microwave oven”——not only as a cooking tool, but also as a work of art.
  • INVERTECH™ 4.0Providing powerful and precise control with TOSHIBA INVERTECH™. Enhance your kitchen with even-heating and defrosting, responding to the demand for healthy cooking and energy saving.
  • Healthy Air Fry™
  • Combining a grill with hot air circulation in the oven, food is cooked crispy inside and out using only a prop of oil. Enjoy healthier fried food without deep frying.
  • Low Temp. Cooking
  • Enjoy your slow-paced life by homemade yogurts or delicious snacks prepared by low temp. cooking. This function can also raise yeast dough and keep warm for your dishes.
  • Crispy Grill. 100-240℃ crispy grill function makes it easy to experience the delicious that crispy outside, moist and juicy inside.
  • Touch Control Microwave
  • Up to 12 cooking Menu. Cavity Material Ceramic. Net Weight 13Kg. Product Dimension; (MM)513x513x310