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Showcasing Popmart Molly 400 Figurines Vivid-Glow Cosmetic Display Box with Staircase Rack for Organizing

Type: Vivid-M
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Original price $18.90
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$7.74 - $23.12
Current price $13.20
Cutting-edge PS material delivers superior clarity and brightness, surpassing PET for a pristine display experience.
Available in M (L36xD22xH27cm) and L (L36xD26xH27cm) sizes, providing versatile storage options for various items.
Durable construction offers reliable protection and longevity for your valuable possessions.
Space-saving stackable design optimizes storage efficiency in any setting.
Perfect solution for organizing and displaying collectibles, cosmetics, figurines, and more with unmatched clarity and brilliance.

Product Description:
Elevate your storage and presentation game with our PS Clear Storage Boxes, engineered to exceed expectations in clarity and brightness. Crafted from advanced polystyrene material, these boxes outperform PET alternatives, ensuring pristine visibility of your stored items. Available in M and L sizes, with dimensions M: L36xD22xH27cm and L: L36xD26xH27cm, these boxes offer versatile storage solutions for a wide range of items.

Built to last, our PS Clear Storage Boxes provide reliable protection for your valuables while showcasing them with unmatched brilliance. Their stackable design maximizes storage space, making them ideal for any home or office environment. Whether you're organizing collectibles, cosmetics, figurines, or other treasures, our PS Clear Storage Boxes offer the perfect blend of clarity, durability, and style.