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Mr & Mrs Fragrance Laundry Perfume 250ml. Designer Laundry Parfum Made in Italy

Title: Cotton Bouquet
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  • Four scents to choose from, Cotton Bouquet, Iris Fiorentino, Comfort Woody, White Lily. Choose your option.
  • A beautiful fragrance that comes from your washing machine or wardrobe is just one of the benefits of using Mr & Mrs Fragrance Laundry Neutral fabric softener. You’ll love your clothes and towels even more after using this softener.
  • Good for gifts.
  • Ideal for all colours, makes ironing much easier. Your washing feels pleasantly smooth and soft
  • Easily biodegradable formula. Made in Italy
  • How to use; Get information about the right amount of fabric softener from the packaging. Instructions for use can be found on the packaging. Put in the fabric softener drawer.
  • The Scent, Cotton Bouquet: Top; Bergamont. Heart; Eucalyptus, Peony. Marine Notes; Base: Cedarwood, Musk
  • The Scent, Comfort Woody: Top; Clary Sage, Bergamot, Spicy. Heart; Orange Blossom, Olibanum, Woody Notes. Base; Patchouly, Oud, Amber
  • The Scent, Iris Fiorentino : Top; Fresh Greens, Lemon. Heart;
    Raspberry, Rose, Iris. Base; Vanilla, Musk
  • The Scent, White lily: Top; Tangerine, White Peach. Heart; Rose, Lily, Peony. Base; Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber
  • Made In Italy.