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MiDeer Road Builders - Animal Island Board Game / Monster Fun

Title: Road Builders
by MiDeer
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  • Whether playing solo or against one another, kids have great fun solving the logic challenges presented by Mideer's 5 in 1 Jungle Tetris Blocks.
  • A whopping 684 challenges span 5 different categories of play and primarily involve determining the correct positions for variously shaped wooden blocks to fill in a restricted space or complete a specified shape.
  • The set's 2D Classic Puzzles play out on a wooden board that uses sliders to alter the size of the space to be filled.
  • The 3D Puzzles require assembling the specific pieces shown on the challenge card into a solid cube or cuboid shape.
  • The set's Jenga-like balancing challenges are a hit due to the unusual foundations on which additional blocks must carefully be added while attempting to avoid a collapse.
  • Creative Puzzle category offers freedom regarding which pieces to use to fill in a given shape, while the 2-in-1 Puzzle approach gave kids ample practice in thinking geometrically.
  • 5 great ways to play helped kids improve their logical thinking, dexterity, and spatial reasoning skills!