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MiDeer Guess the Animal Cognitive Game

Title: Guess the Animal
by MiDeer
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Original price $19.50
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  • Guess the Animal is fun and educational, involving the use of reasoning skills.
  • Set includes 48 animal cards, 2 erasers, 2 plastic holders, 2 markers, and 1 foldable game board.
  • Kids need to take a close look at each animal, spot the differences and try their best to exclude more unrelated animals at a time, which will help to develop their observation; then they work to guess the animal on the other player's card correctly, which will cultivate their reasoning skills.
  • How to play:
  • 1. Place the game board in the box provided.
  • 2. Each player draws 1 animal card to match the game board (Don’t show the card to the opponent).
  • 3. Put the card in the yellow holder facing you.
  • 4. The players alternately ask questions related to their animal cards, the first to guess the name of the animal correctly is the winner.