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[Preorder] Ergonomic Kneeling Home Office Chair in PU Leather

Colour: PU Leather
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Current price $129.00

  • This is a preorder product, delivery takes 2 -3 weeks to reach you.
  • This kneeling chair is in PU leather.
  • Turn to kneeling in an attempt to deal with a lot of pain and discomfort caused by sitting.
  • Specially designed to maintain a natural curve in your lower back to remove pressure and put your entire back at ease. Help alleviate back pain, strengthen your core, and enhance the overall ergonomics of your sitting.
  • Dramatic improvement in their body postures, and as a result, reduction in body pains associated with sitting in the same position for too long.
  • With a more angled seat that better shifts your body weight to the shins, taking more pressure off of your spine and bottom. A highly personalized kneeling chair that caters to the comfort of different people.
  • Features;
  • Incredible 4″ thick cushions that leave most of the competition in the dust. It’s made of 50% memory foam and 50% recycled foam to strike a good balance between softness and support.
  • High level of adjustability in terms of height. It goes from 21″ up to 28″ to suit a wide range of people.
  • Quality castors heels really make a difference on certain surfaces such as the carpet, gliding over it with ease. Up to 250 pounds weight limit. Angled seat is sound ergonomic design
  • Specifications; 
  • Available in two designs, Black mesh fabric and PU Leather.
  • Suspension adjustable seat height.
  • Self-assembly furniture, (difficulty rating, MEDIUM). Option to assemble your furniture available at a chargeable rate.