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Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desk Laptop / Computer Riser

Colour: Straight Edge
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$159.00 - $169.00
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  • The ergonomic height adjustable laptop/computer riser table is a compact add-on to your workspace that will transform your regular desk into a standing one.
  • With a deck width of 40cm by a length of 66cm, it is small enough to fit any free space on your desk. Fits a laptop, standing tablet, and mobile.
  • Keyboard table size of 24 by 46 cm underneath the desk.
  • Has a tablet / mobile stand slot.
  • Compactly built, it is relatively sturdy and has a maximum load capacity of 15kg. You can safely put a laptop, monitor, keyboard combo on it without any issues.
  • Effortlessly adjust handle on the side, moves the height anywhere from 15 to 45cm high.