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6.6 Official Launch! FREE Watchpad for every watchwinder order. T&Cs apply

Customised Name Stamp For School, Nurse, Teacher Xstamper Self Ink on Clothes, Books Stamp. Quality Assured SG Seller

Size: Rectangle BLUE
Original price $25.90 - Original price $26.90
Original price
$25.90 - $26.90
Current price $26.90
  • Shachihata XStamper - A product of Japan. Self-Ink name Stamp, water-resistant.
    • Use your custom name stamp for personalized stationary, best for kids not to lose or get their stationaries swapped with classmates. Perfect for repetitious name print.
    • Custom name stamps are a unique and useful tool at any desk, library, or craft station. Great for work or play, for you or someone else! Stamps make a fun gift!
    • Perfect for repetitious name print. Stamp on socks, school uniforms, water bottles and other things to put a Name on it! Choose from several different fonts and icon styles for stamps.
    • Even on fabrics, the ink becomes permanent after 24 hours
    • Perfect for most school supplies and personal belongings.
    • You can stamp on belongings at work too, such as work gloves, helmets, uniforms, and shoes.
    • Refillable, can be used repeatedly - Not only on paper, can the ink stay on plastic, like a ruler
    • Can stamp on round surfaces like cups
    • Water-resistant after 5 minutes
    • Ink Available: Black Only
    • Stamp Cover Colours: Blue or Pink
    • Type: Rectangle (QN41) - 95 x 46mm / Round (QN32) - diameter. 13mm
    • How to Order (in 3 Simple Steps): Provide Name on Stamp (English / Chinese or both). Choose the Font Type (Century Gothic - default). Provide Stock Image Number. (if any)
    • Artwork will be sent via whatsapp for confirmation. Do ensure the mobile number is correct.