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530 / 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle by MiDeer. Perfect educational toy/ game for kids 6 years and adults

Theme: Magic Album
by MiDeer
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  • Jigsaw puzzles quiet the mind and induce a state of creative meditation. They tap into our creativity and stimulate and increase brain cells. The most valuable parent-child game. Intellectual game for adults and kids. Good gift for Birthday and Christmas or any occasion.
  • The MiDeer jigsaw puzzles are made of high-quality Paper, non-toxic.
  • MiDeer puzzles use an exclusively developed, extra-thick cardboard combined with our fine, structured paper to create a glare-free puzzle image and give you the best experience possible
  • The jigsaw puzzles contain 530 pieces puzzle. Finished size: about 66.5x32.7 cm, varies a little for a different design.
  • Each puzzle piece measurement is about 2.2x2.8 cm , puzzle piece varies in different design. See listing page.
  • Each puzzle comes with an award badge, Collect them all to show you are a puzzle Master!
  • Fun Facts. Has health benefits. Here’s a rundown:
  • Jigsaw puzzles make your entire brain work.
    The left side, or the analytical portion of our brain, works with logic and helps us sort the pieces.
    The right part, or the creative side of our brain, guides us to see the finished product and work intuitively.
    It helps develop dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and tune motor skills.
    Completing a puzzle encourages our brain to produce a chemical called dopamine that helps improve learning and memory.
    Furthermore, it also helps keep our brains healthy.
    According to recent studies, solving puzzles along with practicing a
    second language every day can reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.
    It also improves cognitive function and prevents memory loss,
    dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.
    According to the MacArthur study, it is said that people who solve
    jigsaw puzzles are more likely to have a better quality of life and have a longer life expectancy.
    Amazing, isn’t it?
    When you think that you’re simply putting pieces together and killing time,
    you’re actually doing more for your brain and general well-being.
    Now start completing your jigsaws again using the tricks that we've shared.