Multifunctional Foldable Laptop Table, Laptop Stand (2 Sizes m Black/Pink)

  • $30.90

  • The table has ventilated holes to release warm air.
  • 3 adjustable buttons on each leg, for the utmost angle.
  • Foldable & Compatible with lots of functions: Foldable Design, Portable and Easy Storage.
  • SMALL: Table size 425 x 265mm Mouse Pad; 164 x 18 mm
  • BIG: Table size 485 x 265mm Mouse Pad; 164 x 18 mm
  • Ergonomics, Height Adjustable Works Well on Sofa, Bed, Office, Work Table, for Study, Reading, Eating, Watching Movies and many more.
  • The maximum height is 45cm. The middle adjustable height is 24cm. Folding Thickness is 4 cm.