Xiaomi Nail Clipper 5 in 1, Stainless Steel Nail Set

  • $13.90
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  • Magnetic absorption nano design, allows each accessory to be stored securely.
  • Fuss-free, simple design box for convenient carry-in bag.
  • Material: 420, Silver Colour 430 Stainless Steel + ABS
  • Smooth finishing with high-quality material
  • What's included in the 5in1 set, Nail file size 59.1x 11.6x 1.2 mm,
  • Angled nail clipper size 60.9x11X11.8mm,
  • Flat mouth nail clippers size 58.4x11x11.8mm,
  • Earpick size 89.7x 5x 2.9mm,
  • Beauty scissors size 91.9x 46.5x 3.4mm,
  • Storage box size 65X104X17.3mm,