Xiaomi Mijia Mosquito Repellent,3 Pack Basic Version, Insect Dispeller - WX07ZM

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  • Contains effective mosquito repellent ingredients, reduce mosquito bites.
  • Fan rotating volatilization. Colorless, fragrance-free mosquito repellent is milder.
  • Different from heated mosquito repellent products, a built-in fan promotes the evaporation of the drug, naturally gentle and not pungent
  • Ultra-Quiet, The built-in fan emits as low as 22dB, quiet noise.
  • Battery operated 2xAA required, mosquito repellent, place it anywhere in your home
  • One Button Timing Setting, Auto Shut Down after 10 Hours
  • Long-lasting mosquito repellent, 90 nights long-lasting guardian. Removable mosquitoes, one can be used for 90 days
  • Mija WX07ZM Mosquito Repellent is Ultra-quiet, One-button timing and No heating
  • Indicator Light Indicates working Status: Normal work: GREEN light is on. Timing mode: GREEN light flashes. Insufficient battery: flashing RED light. Insufficient medicine: ORANGE light flashes
  • Suitable for 28m3 space, recommended closing doors and windows for better effect
  • Specifications: Model: WX07ZM. Material: ABS. Feature: Timer. Power (W): 0.06W. Voltage (V): 3V