Watch Winder Winding Luxury Storage Box for Automatic Watches 8+0 Piano Wood (2 Colours)

  • $259.90
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  • This beautiful piano finishing watch winder case is far more than a display box, also an exhibition piece in your home. In the see-through seamlessly looking glass-like window, elegantly display your timepieces or simply watch the winding process.
  • Separate switch for left & right winder. This winder can be powered with the included AC adapter or battery backup.
  • The interior can accommodate up to 8 watches: 8 on the rotating winder cuff.
  • AC 100-240 V,50/60 hz,0.3 A.
  • Material: Piano finish / PU Suede. High-grade material. Ultra-silence
  • Features: Four different dial modes to allow setting for your watch type. High-quality acrylic window display seamlessly looking glass-like. High-gloss finish. Suede interior lining. Silver-tone hardware.
  • It rotates clockwise counter-clockwise or alternates in between. The winder will repeat its cycle every day, without intervention (as long as it is on).
  • Powered with a Japanese Mabuchi motor. Nice looking, easy to operate.
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  • Color on desktop viewing may vary from the actual product.
  • Please make sure the watch is tightly fixed on the pillow before you start winding the watch.
  • Please do not stop or remove the watch by hand during operation. So wait for the winder to stop before removing it.
  • This watch winder should be placed far away from any magnetic object. Watches are not included.This watch winder should be placed far away from any magnetic object.