Watch Winder PREMIUM 4+0/ 4+6 Piano/ Carbon Fiber With Pause Function Battery / Power Operated (5 Colours)

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All come with a FUNKY silver logo on the front case, except for Carbon Fiber.

The Premium Piano and Carbon Fiber wood is an improved design and mechanism. The high-gloss piano finish is complemented by suede interior lining and silver-tone hardware, whereas the Carbon Fiber is a full PU leather-wrapped case.

The interior can accommodate up to 4 watches for 4+0.
4+6 interior can accommodate up to 10 watches,
4 on the rotating winder cuff and 6 on the included watch pillows. 
The sloped lid design leaves plenty of room for large face watches. This winder can be powered with the USB Cable provided or the battery back up.
Battery use can last up to 1 year. Handmade product.
Four different dial modes to allow setting for your watch type. High-quality acrylic window displays seamlessly looking like glass. Silver-tone hardware. Winds up to 4 watches. 

USB Cable and battery backup included. Cable can connect with 1A plug USB port (normal handphone plug) 2 x C battery not included.

4+0 Winder Size: 26x 21.5x 20cm Support number of watch(es): 4 winder
4+6 Winder Size: Size: 35x 26x 22cm Support number of watch(es): 4 winder and 6
Note: Do not power on battery and power simultaneously. To power on either one only. Watches are not included. Color on desktop viewing may vary from the actual product. 
Four Program Settings.
Mode 1: Rotate 2 minutes clockwise. Stop for 6 minutes. Repeat again.
Mode 2: Rotate 2 minutes anti-clockwise. Stop for 6 minutes. Repeat again.
Mode 3: Rotate 2 minutes clockwise, stop for 6 minutes. Rotate 2 minutes anti-clockwise, stop for 6 minutes. Repeat again.
Mode 4: Rotate 5 minutes clockwise then rotate 5 minutes anti-clockwise for 3 hours continuously. Stop for 9 hours. Repeat again.
It comes with a 1-year local warranty for the mechanism and motor. Do not cover accessories, wear and tear or accidental break or damage made by customer handling.