Watch Winder Box 2+3 Carbon Fiber

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Black Carbon Fiber finishing.

These Watch holder is made of a Memory foam-like material, large enough for Men's Large Wrist Sizes yet pliable enough to set watches of smaller wrist sizes. Perfect for those really large face watches up to 50 mm wide and they will not touch together during winder to the centre gap. Virtually Silent! These wind virtually any automatic watch, the Turns per Day settings are: 1st program's TPD is 1100 (clockwise), 2nd program's TPD is 1100 (counter-clockwise), 3rd program's TPD is 1200 (600 counter-clockwise then 600 clockwise), 4th program's TPD is 1000 (500 clockwise then 500 counter-clockwise).
This is perfect for 99 % of watch brands. Please remember these watch winders will never over wind your watch, they wind for short period and rest all through the 24 hour period allowing the watch to rest and run naturally as well. 

2+3 Watch Winder Case
Dimensions : 21x27x24
Weight : 3 kg

4+0 Watch Winder Case
Dimensions : 34cm x 20cm x 20cm
Weight : 4kg

4+6 Watch winder case
Dimension: L340 X W260 X H215
Weight: 5KG
Mode: 4+1 Program selection

Run on power adapter or 2xAA Size battery.