TOSHIBA 1L / 1.8L Electric Rice Cooker

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  • These rice cookers help you multi-task effortlessly, and save you valuable time-ideal for homeworks and ladies on the go!
  • Classic Toshiba T4.0mm inner pot and 3D heating system provides you more than expectation user experience that care about every day meal of your whole family.
  • A unique 4mm forged thick pot with a 60-degree circular base and ultra-efficient surrounding heating system ensure perfectly and evenly cooked, tasty meals at all times. T4.0mm Copper Forged Pot with Non-stick Coating
  • Bakes Cakes, Makes Bread
  • Dreaming of your favorite cake or bread? Be adventure and make your own with the Baking & Fermentation function. This is first-of-its-kind feature is only offered by Toshiba.
  • Set your preferred eating time.
  • Now you can set the exact time when you want your meals to be cooked with the "Timer" function. Useful when you want a meal ready and waiting when you come home after a hard day's work. The "Times" function only applies to cooking rice, mixed rice, porridge or congee.
  • Comes with built-in Clock and deatchabable lid.
  • 5 Rice Cooking Menu & 4 Cooking Menu
  • Lid & Bottom Heater
  • Comes in 2 years Warranty, does not cover accessories.