TOSHIBA 1L / 1.8L IH Rice Cooker Diamond and Titanium & Copper Coating

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  • When choosing a rice cooker, choose Toshiba - the manufacturer of the first electric rice cooker in Japan.
  • Diamond and Titanium Coating (Inside) &Copper Coating (Outside)
  • "Roundness" is the secret of flavor. The rounded pot bottom angled at 60° combines with the curved sides to create intensive thermal convection. As a result, heat is carried quickly to each grain of rice, making the rice delicious.
  • Toshiba's original manufacturing method of liquid metal forging. Featuring high-temperature aluminum mold at high pressure. 500 tons of pressure is applied to raise.
  • Binchotan in your kitchen. Because it has a highly porous structure, Binchotan makes a good water purifier that absorbs chlorine and unwanted smells to improve the overall taste of tap water.
  • Bincho Charcoal Far-infrared Inner Frame surrounding the inner pot
  • 5mm Thick Non-Stick Inner Pot