TOSHIBA 1.0L / 1.8L Rice Cooker Induction Technology RC-10IRPS/RC-18ISPS, Low GI

  • $349.00
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  • A MUST BUY, change your Rice Cooker to one that can cook Healthier rice for your family!
  • Intelligent LOW GI - Removes up to 41% of unhealthy digestive starch from rice grain (Sugar Reduced Rice)
  • IH Induction 3D Heating - Delivers Fluffy & Tasty Rice. 300pa Micro-Pressure -
  • Optimum Simmering Increases up to 79% of resistant starch which is NOT Absorbed into Energy or fat & has No Calories (Health Benefits)
  • 17 Pre-programmed Menu to choose from 24 Hours Timer
  • Foodgrade Stainless Steel Sugar-removing Basket
  • 3mm 7 Layers Inner Pot for Fluffy Rice. Japanese Binchotan Charcoal Coated Pot