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Thermal Spray Eraser Elimination Spray 30ml

Title: 30ml
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  • THERMAL PAPER CORRECTION FLUID - Data Protection Spray can make important data disappear.
  • Just a light spray on the handwriting, the handwriting on the paper will be covered.
  • Spray is safe and simple to use, Simply remove the cap and gently spray off your information, that paper can easily be recycled once all personal information had been removed.
  • About 30ml vial, portable. It is a good helper for you whether you are on a business trip or traveling, or just for activities in your own city.
  • QUICK COMPLETION WORK - This bottle spray removes more information faster than shredders. Convenient for saving time.
  • It can be used to wipe off social security numbers, bank statements, shipping addresses, tax documents, junk mails, addresses on bills, and many more.
  • Suitable on thermal paper.