Smart Trash Can Wireless Sensor Automatic Trash Bin16L Touchless Bin Bathroom Toilet Dustbin

  • $29.90
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  • Intelligent sensor 16L capacity trash can (PLUS) . It is a smart life, 3D induction, all-round sensor opening.
  • Detecting each of your movements 0.S-level induction opening level Fast and sensitive. You want to move and move first 30cm sensing distance. You don't need to touch the trash can when you put the garbage away from the fungus!
  • Intelligent tapping, vibration sensing open cover, side scenes available, can be opened by tapping easily. Practical and comprehensive, all-round kick-sensing. Whole-body vibration sensing, no need to specify the position, convenient and fast.
  • 3 kinds of sensing modes are free to open, sensing mode, tapping mode, manual mode.
  • Longer battery life, replaceable with batteries low power standby design, standby mode in standard mode are all ideal.