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Razer Sanrio Characters Limited Edition Wired Mouse + Mousepad

Title: Sanrio
by Razer
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  • Includes Seller 6 months warranty
  • Model: Hello Kitty Sanrio Mouse set
  • Interface type: USB
  • Number of keys: 6
  • Optical resolution: 8500DPI
  • The transparent Hello Kitt pattern is printed on the back of the mouse, and the cute light strikes!
  • Convenient side button Edit more button functions through Synapse 3.
  • Sensitive tracking and precise positioning The 8500DDPI PAW3359 sensor has achieved a good balance in terms of speed and handling, providing you with precise positioning. Create a light-speed trigger speed about 50 million click life, optical mouse micro switch. Each click will be triggered at the speed of light, and the optimized optical micro-motion click feeling is closer to the mechanical micro-motion you are familiar with.
  • Gather the lovely power Rich and lovely prints are printed on the surface of the left and right keys, allowing Hello Kitty and the friends to help the operation together.
  • Symphony bottom light strip Hello Kitty is full of cuteness!
  • Classic size Mousepad 355mmx254mmx3mm : Enjoy the gorgeous visual experience! Hello Kitty and friends printed mouse pad, soft and delicate surface, fast sliding and precise positioning Light and flexible
  • The 58g lightweight design is light, fast and smooth. With a non-porous lightweight design, its structural strength is not affected at all. Various operations can be realized easily and smoothly.