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Qi Wireless Charging PU Leather Mousepad

Colour: Black
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  • This 2 in 1 mousepad design allows you to charge your phone wirelessly when playing or working on the computer, just simply drop your phone on the mouse pad and it begins charging instantly.
  • Mousepad size is 30x22cm. Comes in two colors, Grey or Jet Black, Qi wireless pad in sleek PU leather.
  • This mouse pad wireless charger supports protective cases within 6mm. No need to remove the case while charging (but do remove any metal attachments or credit cards). Compatible with all QI-enabled phones such as iPhone 18 and latest, Samsung Galaxy S7 and latest.
  • Blue lights will turn on when you put your phone on the charger. These lights will slowly go in and out to let you know your phone is charging.
  • Seamless design and great materials. Leather charging pad with a soft rubbery mousepad for optimal movement.