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MiDeer Write and Wipe Card, 4 Activities for Preschoolers

Type: 123 Write & Wipe
by Mideer
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  • Suitable for 3 years and up. Collect all 4 activities!
  • Simply write and wipe off! Encourage your little ones to take learning into their own hands - literally!
  • Learning ABCs and 123s has never been easier with these activity sets. The vivid illustrations and hands-on approach of these learning cards are sure to capture attention and make learning fun and interactive!
  • Four different themes to choose from - Alphabets, Numbers, Words, Addition & Subtraction.
  • High-quality pattern embossed: the art master of illustration, the pattern is exquisite, the texture is clear, the character image is life like it is good for kids to learn correct stroke order that fosters good penmanship and writing habits
  • [ MiDeer Wipe And Write Activity 1+2=3 Card]. This Write & Wipe learning cards pack helps with kids' Mathematics. Each card is double-sided and can be wiped to repeat the exercise. Each pack contains 30 cards, 1 marker, and 1 reusable wipe cloth.
  • [MiDeer Wipe And Write Activity A B C Card]. Children learn the alphabet and master writing skills -- with cards, illustrated letter cards! 26 reusable, write and wipe flash cards, dotted starter lines that let children trace uppercase and lowercase letters, plus handy baselines so kids can practice writing on their own. It is a great way for children ages 3 and up to learn the letters of the alphabet and practice fine motor skills. Children learn the alphabet and practice writing - one letter at a time. Write & Wipe cards allow kids to practice writing again and again.
  • [ MiDeer Wipe And Write Activity 1 2 3 Card] A series of cards that are beautifully illustrated and printed for kids to repeatedly write and wipe. Children can learn numbers as well as practice writing, especially the correct stroke orders to fosters good penmanship and writing habits.
  • [ MiDeer Wipe And Write Activity Count Card] Write and wipe Math cards allow kids to practice again and again. Contains 30 Cards (Big Size) Having an understanding of the basic math operations – addition, subtraction using pictures for early grasp.
  • Children can also improve their finger dexterity & motor control
  • Each box set features game cards, a writing marker and wiping cloth.
  • Great for use in classrooms, childcare centers, home, and travel. Perfect for quiet time activities