MiDeer Magnet Activities, Magnets Dressing, Magnets Funny Face, Magnets Traffic

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  • Educational Abilities about visual, intellectual development, hand-eye coordination. Cute and interactive magnetic pieces almost puzzle-like. Unlimited of fun!
  • Exercises the kids' focus and coordination, increase the baby's interest in learning.
  • Multiple cards and magnetic stickers.
  • FUNNY FACE: 56 magnetic pieces with 8 different crazy faces. Simply put up the card that contains the face you will like to match and find the pieces in the box that make up the look. Or you can explore and see what fun and crazy expressions you can make your own one.
  • ACTIVITIES: 92 magnetic pieces with 10 different cards to challenge you to create using the magnetic pieces. The different shapes pieces can assist you with learning how to draw in stages.
  • DRESSING: 50 magnetic pieces with10 outfits card . Develop your own persona. Best for the budding little fashion designer.TRAFFIC: 59 magnetic pieces with 8 vehicle cards. Mix and match and create a massive colorful traffic. Complete with sea and land.
  • The game encourages creative play and helps develop problem-solving, matching, and fine motor skills.
  • This hand book-shaped box is great for travel and includes everything you need to try all kinds of different faces and emotions.
  • Packing size: 30 x 21.5 x 4.5 cm
  • Age: 3+