MiDeer Kids Washable Markers 12 Colours

  • $9.90
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  • Mideer Washable Markers comes in box of 12 colors. These markers are rich and vibrant in colors.
  • Washable on fabric, skin and whiteboard. Do avoid any drawing directly on the wall.
  • Triangular Pen Holder, easy to draw with thick pen holder, allowing the younger child to learn the correct gesture to hold a pen. Other features include:
  • Pressure resistance Pen-Tip
  • Medical Grade PP Pen Holder (external material)
  • Conical Pen-Tip allowing drawing from a different angle (thin line with pen-tip; wide lines with side)
  • Packaging comes with perforated line for easy opening and act as a ready pen holder.
  • 12 color box: 4.2 cm x 3.8 cm x 10.4 cm