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Mideer BORAX FREE Clay with Graphic Instructions Manual. Kids Play Dough

Title: 6 Colours
by Mideer
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  • Choice of 6 colours or 36 colours clay. Choose your option.
  • Traditional clays are stretchable due to boric acid or borax being added to function as a cross-linking agent. These two substances may pose a threat to children’s health including allergic reactions on children’s fingers, and poisoning in case of accidental swallowing.
  • Borax-Free ensures that clays are both stretchable and completely borax-free.
  • [Stimulate Children's Creativity] - Use the ultra-light clay to stimulate children's unlimited creativity and curiosity, explore the world of clay with small hands and tools, start a journey of pure hand-making, and enjoy the fun of combining handicraft and science. Let the children gain a sense of accomplishment from the clay handicraft while developing their handicraft skills and enhancing concentration.
  • Includes graphic instructions manual with clear steps.