Mideer 9in1 OR 16in1 Classic Games, Board Games for family

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  • Take education and growth law as the starting point of children's heart, restore the innocence, combine the children's education and toy games, develop the children's practical ability, and left-right brain coordination ability.
  • Designed in Europe
  • 9in1 games set consist of; Goose Chess, Airplane Chess, Chess, Five in a Row, Snakes and Ladders, 8x8 Draughts, Bingo, Memory Chess, Number Place
  • 16in1 games set consist of: Flying chess, Chess, Backgammon, Snake chess, International checkers, Lucky 26, Treasure hunt, Twenty-four, Bridge, Kitten fishing, Addition and subtraction, Arena chess, Nine chess, Traffic sudoku, Horse racing, Catching fish games
  • This beautifully illustrated box set of 9in1 games set or 16in1 games contains over classic games, and featuring the colorful Mideer illustrations.
  • Fun board games are beneficial for your kids brain and test their problem solving, thinking speed and general thinking ability
  • Best for the whole family with unlimited fun. Discover and rediscover hours of educational game playing entertainment.
  • Keep the kids entertained for long hours, and keep them off from TV and mobile devices.
  • Fantastic Gift for Children
  • NOTE: Please select the CORRECT variation type on your games selection, 9in1 games OR 16in1 games. Wrong selection of game type on variation does not qualify for a return.
  • Bag and Instruction booklet included. Suitable for Age 3+