Midea 2 Door Fridge 417L ( CE-BCD440WE-JT ) | 2 Years Warranty

  • $999.00
Tax included.

  • Ultra-thin cabinet, we have a larger capacity with wider and deeper inner space.
  • Chiller Box. 3°C Fresh zone keeps meat and fish fresh for 3 days. makes cooking easier. Convectional 0°C above design keeps meat fresh for only one or two days.
  • Private storage Space. Medicine and make-up storage space separated from food. The flip-hanging box makes it easy to get things at such a high place.
  • Big Box in Freezer. Bigger space for meat and fish storage with handles.
  • 4-in-2 Freshness you can see. Individual box of fruits and vegetables. Separate humidity control for longer freshness.
  • Pizza Box. Easy to pull out, convenient for storage and use.
  • Easy Shelf. Pull the shelf out to get food easily.
  • Metal Cooling. metal air duct design, for even cooling.
  • Zero clearance, Boxes can be easily pulled out when door opened at 90°. Easy to place refrigerator against wall