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Logitech MINI MX KEYS MINI Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac/PC

Title: Rose
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  • Logitech MX Keys Mini in Metallic Rose, Silver and Rose. Choose your colour option.
  • Includes Seller 6 Months Warranty.
  • Logitech has always given us the best keyboards and mice for people with every kind of need. Even the new Logitech MX Keys Mini won’t disappoint you and will let you adapt to flexible working.
  • Regardless of what device you have paired with or where you are setting yourself up does not matter with this keyboard.
  • advanced Bluetooth keyboard
  • MX Keys Mini targets creative professionals with the ability to connect to three devices via Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing you to control up to three PCs, tablets, or smartphones without having to switch dongles or pair the keyboard over and over again (who has the time?).
  • Compact keyboard is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Chrome, Android, and Linux.
  • MX Keys Mini includes an Emoji key for easy access to an Emoji keyboard, also a dedicated key for turning your microphone on or off and a dictation key for talk-to-text.
  • Select a gray-and-white scheme that Apple fans can appreciate, a shade of pink that Barbie fans can appreciate, or an all-black look that the stealthy will appreciate.
  • MX Keys Mini (as well as the MX Keys) can last for 10 days with its white backlighting on or up to five months with the backlighting off. (Data from Logitech)
  • Rechargeable via a USB-C-to-USB-A cable.
  • ATTENTION: FILEVAULT. FileVault is an encryption system available on some Mac computers. When enabled, it might prevent Bluetooth devices from connecting with your computer if you have not yet logged in. If you have FileVault enabled, we advise purchasing the compatible Logi Bolt USB Receiver.