Jebely JA-015 Dual Slot Automatic Watch Winder Watch Storage Box With LED Light

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If you own one or even many mechanical watches with an automatic movement, having a watch winder in the house is a great time-saver. After a couple of days of sitting still, your automatic watch will stop running, leaving you to give it a wind or a shake before setting the time on it and slapping it back on your wrist. The high-end watch winders sold by your local watch boutique can be pretty pricey, but over at Funky Creations we have a wide assortment of winders at wholesale prices.

Individual switch for each winder.
Blue LED light during winding.
Simply and elegant watch storage box.
Compact, save space.


Powered by AC only

Package contents:

1 x watch winder
2 x watch cushion
1 x power plug
1 x user manual
1 Year Warranty (Hardware only)