Jabra Speak 410+ UC / MS Plug and Play Portable Conference Speaker (Model 7510-209 & 7510-109)

  • $172.00
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  • Crystal-clear sound, Omni-directional microphone
  • User-friendly, fast set-up
  • Portable design with plug and play connectivity
  • Compatible with all leading UC platforms
  • In-room coverage for up to 4 people
  • Built-in Omni-directional microphone. 360-degree coverage enabling hands-free collaboration & allowing attendees to hear and be heard from all angles
  • Digital signal processing (DSP ) technology.
  • Crystal clear sound without echoes or distorted sounds even at the maximum volume level. Wideband audio/HD Voice
  • High-quality audio for the best possible sound
  • Bluetooth A2DP- No
  • Easy to use, LED indicators. Intuitive user interface
  • Jabra Direct. Easy softphone integration. Configure Jabra Speak 410 via Jabra Direct