LED Display 4+5 Watch Winder with touch button

  • $329.00
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This beautiful LCD Panel Control watch winder takes four watches on a double watch stand. With a high gloss finish, it is available in black lacquer, with Porsche brown PU leatherette interior and quiet operation. This winder has a classic elegant appearance with advanced technology.
It has a pull-out drawer organized slot for 5 quartz watches or your bracelets.

Size: 30.6 x 18.3 x 32.5 cm
This watch winder will rotate your automatic watch to set direction and set Turns Per Day (TPD) to keep them wound. It has five different TPD settings: 650, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, with intermediate rest cycles to eliminate potential stress on the watch movement. It rotates clockwise counter-clockwise or alternates in between. The winder will repeat its cycle every day, without intervention (as long as it is on).

LCD display for settings. Touch control button. Powered with Optimal 8 turns per minute Japanese Mabuchi Motors. AC power adapter.

With a built-in door sensor button that detects when the door is open. The case has a Silver-tone hardware clasp. With a lockable door.

On LCD panel: ON/OFF LED Light. Built-in 2 x D Size Battery Compartment. Display window seamlessly looking a glass-like window. Lock with key. Exterior in glossy black lacquered finishing and Porsche brown PU leatherette interior.

We recommend 650-1000 TPD on all watches. Suitable for small and big watches up to 55mm face diameter.