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FITS-Versatile Clear Acrylic Partition Shelf Display Stands for Home and Office Organization

size: FITS-L18W10H4-4mm
Original price $9.90 - Original price $43.90
Original price $9.90
$9.90 - $39.60
Current price $9.90
Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality 4mm to 8mm thick acrylic material, ensuring durability and longevity.
Versatile Sizes: Available in multiple sizes ranging from L18W10H4 to L39W20H27, providing options to fit various storage needs and spaces.
Transparent Design: The transparent acrylic material allows for easy visibility of stored items, enhancing organization and accessibility.
Non-Toxic and Safe: Made of non-toxic acrylic material, ensuring safety for use in various environments.
Stackable Design: Designed to be stackable, allowing for easy organization and maximizing space utilization in small areas.
Maximum Storage: Designed to create maximum storage in small spaces, ideal for offices, homes, shops, and other environments.
These Acrylic Partition Shelf Display Stands offer durability, versatility, and efficiency in storage organization, making them perfect for various settings and storage needs.
In addition to the highlights provided earlier, here are the sizes and thicknesses of the Acrylic Partition Shelf Display Stands:
Size (Length x Width x Height):
Thickness: Ranges from 4mm to 8mm, offering various levels of sturdiness and durability based on your needs and preferences.
These sizes and thicknesses provide options to accommodate different storage requirements and environments while ensuring durability and stability.