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Dual Arm Mount Laptop and Monitor Stand Bracket OA-7

Type: Single + Double Arm
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  • ELEVATES MONITOR/LAPTOP - Raises your monitor and laptop screen to eye level, preventing neck strain and providing maximum comfort while working.
  • STRONG & DURABLE - Made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, strong and sturdy, and supports a maximum weight of 7kg.
  • DUAL FLEXIBLE ARM MONITOR MOUNT - Supports LCD Monitor Screens up to 27 inches and can be placed in either portrait or landscape position.
  • SINGLE-ARM LAPTOP STAND - Ideal for laptops that are 10 to 15 inches wide.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - Instant height adjustment range from 30mm to 415mm with nylon clip stopper.
  • With attachable clips on the side that securely grip the laptop with quick attach and release.
  • Supports LCD monitor screens that are less than or equal to 27" in size to be mounted either portrait or landscape position, and laptops that are 10-15".
  • Monitor Height: 40cm (MAX) ,Monitor Weight: 7kg (MAX) .
  • Laptop Height: 10cm (MAX) , Laptop Weight: 7kg (MAX)
  • Changeable Angle Allows you to change the angles to align to your view whether sitting or standing, 90º Upward; 80º Downward, Rotation: 360º Base Rotation; ±90º Head Rotation; 360º Arm Rotation
  • Laptop Tray Bracket, X-Shaped Hollow Design. Designed for good air circulation and helps to dissipate heat.
  • Aluminum Aloy Body, Firm, and stable with strong metallic texture. Safety Buckle Improves stability to prevent accidental slippage.
  • Adjustable Buckle, Suitable for different Sizes.
  • Safe and stable clamp.
  • Product Reviewed as 11 Best Monitor Stand in Singapore.