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Beston AA TypeC USB Rechargeable Battery Twin Pack 2200mWh /2800mWh/ 3500mWh

Title: 2200 mWh
by Beston
Original price $13.50 - Original price $18.50
Original price
$13.50 - $18.50
Current price $13.50
  • Choice of 2200mWh, 2800mWh or 3500mWh Twin Pack Rechargeable AA TypeC USB Battery. Choose your MWH option.
  • Battery size AA
  • Can be charged from the computer, power bank or other power with USB port.
  • Using rechargeable and recharged about 1500 times and battery life
  • Low self-discharge, no memory effect. After a year the capacity is still 90%.
  • High charged retention rate.
  • The strong retained ability of battery voltage.
  • The low loss rate of Battery capacity. Long and stable of Battery life.
  • Charge the batteries with the cable provided, USB to dual head TypeC cable
  • High-temperature discharge performance.
  • NOTE: These rechargeable batteries are just a little bigger than regular AA batteries. Please take note if your battery compartment is small.
  • Compatible charging with the BESTON Battery Charging Dock Station, Dock station sold separately.