Bamboo 2+0 / 4+0 Watch Winder

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Super Quiet Motor: Exclusive Sound insulation material.

Effortless Use: Easy to Use. Five program settings, multiple rotation modes (refer to description) make the watch winder box for 2 watches, select the 2+0 and for 4 watches, select the 4+0.

Astonishing Appearance: Deluxe piano paint wooden shell, ultra-soft adjustable PU leather pillow. The Bamboo Dual Watch Winder combines durability and elegance perfectly.

Material: Premium Quality Wooden Lacquered Shell.
Appearance: Luxury wooden shell with paint baking varnished. Durable alloy junction, adjustable PU leather pillow.

Easy to Use Modes:

Winder is off.
Mode 1. Clockwise only: 2 minutes turning, 6 minutes resting and cycle repeats.
Mode 2. Counter-clockwise only: 2 minutes wind , 6 minutes resting and cycle repeats.
Mode 3. Counter-clockwise 2 minutes wind , 6 minutes resting then Clockwise 2 minutes wind, 6 minutes resting and cycle repeats.
Mode 4. Clockwise Rotate 5 minutes, Counter-Clockwise Rotate 5 minutes, repeat above for 3 hours, rest for 9 hours, Repeat.

Notice for Use

  1. Please fasten your watch strap onto the pillow before you put your watch into the winder to avoid possible scraping between watch and glass surface.
  2. Please do not manually spin the winder because it will damage your watch winder.
  3. When the turntable rotates, do not stop or remove the watch by hand.
  4. Do not place the product under the sun or humid places.

Packing Listing
1xWatch Winder, 1xAC Adaptor, 1xUser Manual, 12 months Warranty for motor and mechanism

It comes with a 1-year local warranty for mechanism and motor. Does not cover wear and tear or accidental break or damage made by customer handling.