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TWO Set of 6pcs Cable Holder (Random Colour)

Type: 6 pcs set
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  • These cable drops are much handy for power users and workstations.
  • They keep your desk clean and also provide easy accessibility at any moment.
  • Additionally, these cord holders can also double as organizers which you can use to arrange your workstation setup.
  • Chargers, keyboards, USB cables, and similar external connectors will no longer get in the way of each other.
  • These little helpers gently grasp power and peripheral cords to keep them in place. Our cable clips are self-adhesive and can be secured anywhere on your desktop or work area. They're especially helpful for keeping cords of unplugged items from slipping off behind your desk!
  • Easy-to-apply self-adhesive backing; easily removed. Not compatible with all cords.
  • 3 random colours in a pack from Orange, Purple, Pink, Blue, Orange, Brown or Yellow