Xiaomi Mijia Ionic 1800W Portable Hair Dryer. Water Ion Hair Dryer

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  • Ionic Hair Treatment. The built-in condensation needle condenses the moisture in the air and atomizes it into tiny negative electro-hydraulic ions, and then transfers it to the hair with the wind, effectively reduces static electricity, replenishes moisture and enhances luster.
  • NTC Intelligent Temperature Control. The NTC intelligent temperature control module senses the change of ambient temperature in the air inlet, automatically adjusts the time of alternating hot and cold air blowing, and greatly reduces the scalp discomfort or hair damage caused by excessive temperature.
  • 360° Magnetic Anti-scalding Tuyere. The freely rotatable magnetic air tuyere delivers high-speed airflow wind for fast dry hair.
  • The double-layer structure design can reduce the temperature of the tuyere surface and effectively insulates it.
  • Strong Air volume. 2000rpm high-speed motor + 1.6 m3 large air volume with 6 pieces airfoil blades to effectively control wind noise and fast blow hair.
  • Specifications: Type: Water ion hair dryer Model:CMJOLX Rated voltage:220v. Rated frequency:50Hz, rated power:1800w