Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush Mijia T100 Ultrasonic USB Rechargeable Toothbrush

  • $11.90
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  • Professional Quality, Scientific Brushing, Ideal from Manual to Electric. Stronger cleaning ability, more effective gum care, more comfortable brushing experience.
  • Low Handheld Shock. Let your teeth brush free from noise and will not affect others.Two Cleaning Modes; Standard cleaning mode, stronger, suitable for users with smoke and tea stains.
  • Soft cleaning mode for sensitive teeth and novice users.
  • 2 Minutes Scientific Brushing, 30 Seconds Zone ReminderEvery 30 seconds, the zone will be changed by a shortstop, and it will automatically stop after 2 minutes.3 seconds gradual strong start function, prevent droplets, give the mouth a cushioning period, effectively avoid gum discomfort.
  • 16500 rpm high-frequency vibration, deep mouth cleaning at 360-degree angle.
  • At the same time, the noise does not exceed 60 decibels, the vibrations of the hand are weak.
  • Small round heads, effective cleaning of teeth, but also cares for gums.
  • Two-level cleaning mode, click once is the standard cleaning mode, more powerful, suitable for teeth with tobacco stains, tea stains, etc. Click again for soft cleaning mode, suitable for sensitive teeth and inexperienced users.
  • It has already set the service life to brush your teeth smartly. Every 30 seconds, you will change the area through a short stop reminder and will automatically stop after two minutes.