With LED Light 2+0 (Dual) Carbon Fiber Watch Winder

  • $69.90

This Carbon Fiber 2+0 is our only collection with Blue LED LIGHT in the Watch winder
Excellent working keeps the accuracy of the TPD(turn per day) and Rotating position.
Mute working & Beautiful appearance.
Ideal for collecting and displaying valuable watches.
The pillow is adjustable to fit different-sized watches. Watch face diameter maximum of 45mm only.
Efficient performance and low power consumption, very economic and eco-friendly.
This winder can be powered with the included AC adapter or the battery back up.
Battery use can last up to 1 year. Handmade product.
Four different dial modes to allow setting for your watch type
High-quality acrylic window display seamlessly looking like glass
Full PU Black leather Carbon Fiber with red topstitching at the sides for an added contrast
Silver-tone hardware
Winds up to 2 watches
Adapter and battery option power. Batteries not included
Size: 18 x 18 x 20cm Support number of watch(es): 2
Note: Do not power on battery and power simultaneously. To power on either one only. Note: Watches are not included in the watch winder. Colour on desktop viewing may vary from the actual product.For customers who want to use for only 1 watch, go for a singular watch winder instead.
It comes with a 1-year local warranty for mechanism and motor. Does not cover wear and tear or accidental break or damage made by customer handling.