Mini UV Dryer with UV function, Sterilization Travel Dryer Box

  • $65.90

  • Easy, instant use and space-saving storage
  • Saves time - dry underwear and small daily fabric item safe and quick
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quiet motor - works without making noise
  • Multiuse- a clothes dryer, a disinfection box, and clothes storage box. Small size for portable use.
  • Can be used for clothes, towel, underwear, toothbrush, baby toys and so on.
  • Features: 1.Bottom fan + PTC heating plate, even drying 2.Pasteurization + UV sterilization, 3.100w low power saving energy
  • Operation: 1. The first click of a button is a red light, 5 hours hot air drying sterilization + 10 minutes UV disinfection, 
    Operation: 2. The second click of a button is blue light, 3 hours hot air drying sterilization + 10 minutes UV disinfection,
    Operation: 3. The third click of a button is a purple light: 10 minutes UV disinfection,
  • Operation: 4. The fourth click of the button is a blinking blue light and  Off
  • Description: This Portable Clothes Dryer is safe to use and gently dry your clothes using a warm air motor that evens out the crease and leave your garments feeling fresh, clean and soft. Perfect for Apartments, Dorms, Travel. A space saver
  • Note: The drying time may vary depending on the number of clothes placed in the dryer.