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MiDeer Let's Guess Game, Charade Game Kids & Family Games

Type: Lets Guess Game
by MiDeer
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  • Cognitive Multiplayers Game
  • Children will learn the concept of winning and losing through play. When children communicate with others, they exercise their language skills.
  • Promotes confidence and vocabulary by encouraging children to use words and actions to express themselves clearly.
  • Simple game play, multiplayer interaction and improve social skills.
  • Each player puts a color headband on the head. Then, one by one must close the eyes and select a card from the pile, and give it to another player, who will help to fix the card in the headband. Now, players can start with the "let´s guess" game!.
  • The mission of the game is to guess the character or the object of the card, asking questions to the other players.
  • The other players will only be able to answer your questions with the words YES or NOT. It stimulates the mind to think and ask the right questions in order to guess the character of the card.
  • Players from 2 - 4. Includes 8 headbands and 60 cards.
  • Lots of fun with family and best for the kids playdates.